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If These Walls Could Talk (Famine Walls)

New blog and music -

April 27, 2012  This is my new blog about the Famine Walls in Ireland.  I have posted a new piece on the Music page, same name, under the heading Celtic Notebook.   

New Photos in the Photo Gallery - Beautiful Waterford, Ireland

Added April 28th, 2012.  I'll be adding more photos from my trip to Ireland (March) in the next few days.  Ireland is so beautiful and very photogenic.  Enjoy.  

Philosophers' Alley, Knoxville, Tenn.

Added May 3, on the Photo Gallery page.  Photos from the alley behind Market Square.  

Women Vote

Added May 3, new song, Women Vote!  Look for it under Music Inspired by the Occupy and other Social Movements on the Music page.  By the way, ALL songs under the Occupy Heading are FREE downloads.  I invite you to download and share.  Thanks!  

Long Lost Friends

New blog with poem, posted May 4, 2012, 'Long Lost Friends.'  


Added May 6, a small meditation and poem on silence and solitude.  

Video - Journey to Avoca Mill, Ireland

Added May 8, 2012.  Mp3 downloads and ringtones of the sound track are available on the Buy page, Reverbnation store.  

The Ring of Kerry

Added May 8, on the Music page, under Celtic Notebook, new instrumental piece, The Ring of Kerry (from my trip to the Kingdom of Kerry, Ireland)

A Series of Moments

Written and posted May 10. 2012, new poem on my blog page.  

The Power of Oft Repeated Lies

Added May 14, 2012.  Words, even false ones, have creative power.  A little meditation and poem on the creative power of lies.  

E = mc2 Energy Equals Many Citizens Working Together

This is a reprint of a guest column I wrote for our local newspaper, the Oak Ridge Observer.  All Oak Ridgers know that Oak Ridge is in a steep financial decline.  What they may not know is that much of the city is a National Historic District.  Why aren't we capitalizing on that?  

Sing a Song of Sorrow

New poem,  written and posted on Sunday morning, May 20, 2012  

A Poem for the Living

New blog and poem, posted on Memorial Day.  

Why I Climb & Good Luck Walker

Blog/Poem, May 31, 2012  It's a big day in our family.  My younger son is graduating from high school.  This one's for Walker.  

Disembodied Souls

Added June, 1, 2012   - Blog/Poem - Disembodied Souls

What's happened to strawberries?

New blog/poem, June 2, 2012.  Ever wonder why strawberries seem to be getting bigger and more tasteless?  

Walking With the Moon

New song in the 'Writing from Life' section on the Music page.  

Unlucky Dogwood Tree

New spiritual song, Unlucky Dogwood Tree, on the Music page

While You Are Asleep

New Blog and Song, While You Are Asleep, posted June 12, 2012.  The song is a free download, under section 6, Songs Inspired by the Occupy and Other Progressive Social Movements, on my Music page.  

Books and Music

Added June 13, new blog

We Are Woman

Added June 20th, 2012  -  New song, We Are Woman, on Music page under Music inspired by occupy and other social movements.

Written for the We Are Woman March on Washington, D.C. , August 18th, 2012.  I'm going.  How about you?

Another Day Begins on the North Side of the Ridge

Monday Morning,  June 25th, new blog published. 

Remembering Inspirational Teachers

New blog, published July 2, 2912.  Remembering Mr. Countess.  

July 17, 2012

New song added on Music page, under Songs for Social Justice

Title:  Romney: Out of Touch and Snooty

The Relentles March of Days, new blog and poem

Added August 3, 2012

New Song/Free Download

Added August 3, 2012 , new political spoof, "  Mr. Romney's Taxes."    Look for it under section 6 of the Music page, Songs about Politics and Social Justice.

This one is a free download folks.  Enjoy and share it freely, please!  

Kiss Medicare Goodbye

Added August 22, 2012.  New political song, free download, for all non commercial use,  on my Music page. 

On Insomnia

New blog and poem, Aug. 30, 2012

An Obituary Foretold

Added Aug. 23, New blog and poem

New (Non Demoninational) Spiritual added

I added today, September 7, 2012,  a new spiritual I wrote last week and recorded today.  It's really non denominational.  You'll find it on the Music page, under "New Hymns and Spiritual Music."  

Refugee From A Dream

New blog, September 10, 2012.  Reflections on my high school reunion  

Insomnia Remembered - circa 1955

September 12, 2012 - New blog, Insomnia Remembered - Circa 1955

Come, Ye Thankful People, Come

Added September 14, 2012.  New hymn recording under 'Traditional Hymns' on Music page.  Free mp3 download.  Enjoy.  

Far Too Clever

New blog, posted Sept. 16, 2012, FAR Too Clever

Eating Love

Posted Sept. 19, 2012, Eating Love, new blog.  From Snapshots from the Secret City, A Memoir 

Saturday Morning, Gatlinburg, Tennessee

Added September 21, 2012, new blog entry.

I Remember

Added Sept. 21, Preface to Snapshots from the Secret City, A Memoir

Look Kindly On the U.S.A. (A Thanksgiving Prayer Song)

Added September 28, 2012.  At the top of the Music page, new song, Look Kindly On the U.S.A.  

This song is also available for 99 cent download at Reverbnation on the Buy page, this website.  

Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep

October 3, 2012, New blog.  An old prayer takes on more significance as time passes.  

Death May Come as a Surprise

October 3, 2012, New song (accompanies blog titled "Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep") on the Music page, under Writing From Life.  This song is also on Reverbnation, on the Buy page.  

Oh God Our Help in Ages Past

Added October 5, 2012, new hymn recording, Oh God, Our Help in Ages Past, lyrics by Isaac Watts to traditional tune, St. Anne, on the Music page, under Traditional Hymns.  This is one of my favorite hymns, especially in the fall, as we approach Thanksgiving.  

New Christmas Music - Silent Night, the first of several to come

Posted October 11, 2012, under Christmas Music on the Music page.  Keep looking for more new Christmas recordings as I have several in mind to record in the next couple of weeks.  I LOVE Christmas music so much!

The Merits of Silence

New Blog posted October 11, 2012. Poem and meditation on "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone."  

Inferno's Disco Ball

Posted Oct. 13, 2012, New Blog


Added Oct. 15, new blog poem, Anniversary

Life Is Messy

Posted Oct. 14, new blog, Life Is Messy

Something Holy is Going On

Posted October 24th, new song on Music Page, under New Spiritual Songs. I wrote this song 4 years ago this month, as I sat next to my mother's hospital bed.  She died two months later.  

Mountain Spirits

Posted on the Music Page, October 24th, a new classical piano suite, six vignettes on the Cumberland Mountains, where I live.  

Blissful Morning

Added October 29, new song under Writing From Life on the Music Page:  "Blissful Morning"

Sometimes So Cold

Added October 29, new song, Sometimes So Cold, Music page under Writing From Life

Love Remembered

Published October 31, 2012:  Love Remembered, a new trio for solo piano, Group number 9 on the Music page 

A Week In the Life

Added October 31, 2012 - A Week In the Life - 7 Bagatelles for Piano, on my Music page

Nashville Demos

October 31, added a new section to my Music Page, Nashville Demos of Songs I've Written.  

I write all music and lyrics and am the sole copyright owner of all these songs.  Persons wishing to record my music may contact me at and I'll get back to you.    


November 1, New Section added to Music Page, Instrumentals.  These are mostly instrumentals I've written and recorded for mountain instruments.  They are my version of Americana...inspired by the mountains but not traditional, but rather new melodies I've written.  

Just In From France

November 28th, New section, Just In From France, at the top of the music page.  I just returned from a two week trip in France, from Provence to Paris.  I came home with much new music, poetry, photos and inspiration.  Watch for more poetry, blogs, photos and especially music  I composed while in France in the next couple of weeks.  I LOVE France!  And that rap the French have about being unfriendly?  TOTALLY untrue!  I did not meet anyone who was not kind and eager to help me.  

A High In The Pines Whiskey Christmas

Posted Dec. 17th, a guest blog by my wonderful and talented friend, Mike Childress.  Memories of Christmas Eve on Ogden Circle, Oak Ridge, Tenn.  circa 1960.  

In the Landscape of my Story

Dec. 18.  New blog, for my mother and father, who are revealed to me in new perspectives, years after both of their deaths.


New Blog, written December 14.  

The Weaver Bird

New Blog post, added Dec. 30, 2012.  

One Golden Night in Provence

Added Jan. 4, 2013, new piano solo and photo of the same golden night in Arles, France.  Look on the Music page, under Postcards from France.  Enjoy!  AND, Happy New Year to All!   

Spoken Word Section Added to Music Page

Jan. 6, 2012  I just added a new section to my Music Page.  It's a section for spoken word recordings.  As of today, it has two selections:  1) Field of Bones and 2) Pattie Jean's Christmas Doll.  

I've always loved spoken word.  One of my greatest treasures is an old vinyl album of T.S. Elliot reciting his own poems.  I've collected others over the years, Auden and Cummings being two of my favorites.

Pattie Jean's Christmas Doll is a true story from the tiny and eccentric town where my mother grew up, Sugar Tree, Tenn.  The story of her Christmas doll is the first of many I hope to write and record.  

My recordings are spoken word accompanied by music. 

Through Vincent's Eyes

New Song, Through Vincent's Eyes posted Jan. 7, 2013, at the top of the Music Page, under Postcards from France.  Click on the song title to read the song lyrics, a little bit about the life of Vincent Van Gogh and the paintings that Bob and I saw in the Musee d'Orsay in Paris. Also view one of his self portraits in the same museum.  

Brothel Dancer

New Blog entry, added Jan. 9, 2013.  

Arles, France

Added Jan. 23, new song, Arles, posted on the Music page, first section, Postcards from France.  Click on song title to see photo I took of the Roman Coliseum in Arles, where bull fights are still staged.  

Tiny Tryptic - Three Decades Distilled

Posted Jan. 23, new blog in the form of three tiny poems

Nice is Nice

Added Jan. 25, new music/spoken word recording, Nice is Nice, on the music page, under Postcards from France.  (Nice is a city in southern France, and is pronounced 'niece.')  Also, new photos of Nice in the photo gallery.  

The Greatest Nation on Earth

Guest blog, by my Facebook friend Ashley Michel, posted Jan. 27, 2013  Well worth a few minutes time reading!  

Keep Our Children Safe

Added January 28, 2013 - New song, Keep Our Children Safe, addresses the on going plague of gun violence in our country.  Top of the music page, free download.  

Lost in Avignon

Added Feb. 5, 2013 under Postcards From France on the Music Page.  This is spoken word/poetry that I recorded with music.  

The Spider's Tattoo

New blog, posted February 27, about my ugly encounter with a brown recluse spider.  

Free Download Club

March 3, 2013, I just added a widget at the bottom of my Home page for my new Free Download Club.  I'll change the songs at least a couple of times a month, maybe more.  I don't know why I didn't think of this.  I joined John McCutcheon's mailing list and HE has a free download club.  "Wow! That's brilliant and nice!,"  I thought.  "I need to do that!"   So I did....took me a while to figure out how.  Hope you enjoy the downloads.     

Little Lord Kitten in My Garden, March 9, 2013

New, March 9, in the photo gallery, pictures I took this a.m. of Kitty (aka Little Lord Kitten) and my garden.  

Traipsing Through the Universe

March 9, 2013, New blog and photo posted.  

Cyborg Generation - At One With Our Machines

New blog on the Spirit Quest Page, March 15th, the Ides of March (also my birthday.)

The Apocalypse

New blog, posted March 18, 2013.  


March 18, 1013    Fleeting,  newly added song in The Listening Room, under 'Writing From Life.'  I wrote this song about a year ago.  Just now getting around to posting it.  

My Happiest Memory of Mother

Blog, added March 26th, on the Spirit Quest page.  

Glorious Spring in the Photo Gallery

Added April 2, new series of photos of glorious spring in our beautiful Cumberland Mountains.  I'll add more photos as the season progresses.  It is SO beautiful here.  I am so lucky to live here.  If you haven't seen my videos of East Tennessee, you might want to take a look at the Video Gallery too.  Enjoy!   


New blog, Dreams, added April 14th.  This blog accompanies my new song, Dreams.  I also made a little music video for the song.  The video is also on the blog page.  Enjoy!  

New Trifles for Solo Piano (top of music pageP)

Added May 28th.  I've been composing a lot of piano music this spring.  Nothing serious, just 'trifles.'  Will post them on the Music page, as I get them recorded.  So far, two:  It's A Beautiful Life   and   Cat and Mouse.  Hope you like them.  

WHAT the Wild Things DO

Added, new blog, June 18th.  I've been away for a while, in Colorado.  But now I'm back and ready to go back to work.  Lots of new music and writing in the cooker....oh yea, photos too.  Thanks for visiting and not giving up on me.  I was just taking a little rest.  

Uncle Jim's Freezer Pickle Recipe

June 20, 2013 -  This is actually a re-post from a couple of years ago.  But yesterday, Bob started bringing in cukes from his garden.  Yep, looks like it's pickle making time again, and honestly, this is hands down the easiest and most delicious pickle you will ever make or put in your mouth.  

A Day in the Life of Pepe the Rooster - new Trifle for Solo Piano

Another trifle for solo piano, posted at the top of The Listening Room page.  

Ruffling A Few Feathers - Thinking About Back Yard Chickens

New blog about back yard chickens.  When enlightened communities (like Nashville and Knoxville) are permitting back yard chickens in urban areas, why isn't my little town?  Some suggestions.     

Sunday Afternoon

Just another short trifle for solo piano at the top of the music page.  I composed this one while I was washing dishes last Sunday afternoon, hence the title.  A better title than "Washing Dishes," you think?  

Who Will Help the Helper?

New blog, posted July 29.  Listening to the troubles of a Southern Baptist minister for two hours on a plane between Charlotte and Houston and I wondered, Who Will Help the Helper?

Swimming Toward the Light

New Piano Solo (One of the Trifles for Solo Piano) on the music page, added Aug. 3, 2013

Hiroshima Day

Posted Aug. 5, 2013  New blog and video as I ponder what Oak Ridge's role in the age of nuclear weapons.  And why are peace demonstrations effectively outlawed here all of a sudden, after years of a peaceful tradition of marking Hiroshima Day with a commemoration of the victims of the world's first atomic bomb?  

A Fairy World Apart- On the Cumberland Plateau

Posted Aug. 22, new blog, photos and poem on the Spirit Quest page.  East Tennessee is so beautiful!

Two New Trifles on the Music Page

Monday, September 23.  Tomorrow is my husband's birthday.  Today I added two new Trifles for Solo Piano to the top of the Listening Room Page: 1) Dogwood Winter and 2) Kitty's Morning Patrol.  And I'm trying to get some Christmas things ready to have up by the middle of October.  Enjoy.  

September at Dusk

New Spirit Quest blog, September at Dusk.  A little reflection on the poignant beauty the fall with a new little poem.  

Star Gazing

New blog and poem added to Spirit Quest on September 24th.   

The Ring Snake

New blog, poem and art added to Spirit Quest, October 16th, 2013.  

Native Tennessee Quack Grass

Posted October 24th, 2013 -  Native East Tennessee Quack Grass, the weed I grudgingly admire, is now blooming and scattering seeds for next spring's crop.  Photo, blog and poem on the Spirit Quest page.

New photos of Montreal in the Photo Gallery

Nov. 13, 2013  

I started adding photos of Montreal today.  I started the group with photos I took in a sort of high rent area of the city.

 I'll be adding some low rent neighborhood photos later.   As some of you have no doubt guessed,  I actually preferred the low rent neighborhoods.  I fit right in with the thrift store crowd.  And there's a particular beauty in disarray and messiness that appeals to me.  

I had a camera malfunction while I was on vacation.  Maybe it was just the film card.  That's what I'm hoping.  Anyway, as so many accidents are, it turned out to be a good thing.  I actually like the odd coloration (very strong blues) in this group of photos.

I went to Montreal after a week of visiting museums and galleries in Manhattan.  I had been looking at a LOT of modern and abstract art in Manhattan.  My photographic eye was influenced by what I had been looking at in New York and I found myself striving to capture similar looking images in my photographs.  

The Old Cat's Goodbye

A new blog posted Thanksgiving Eve for Mr. Darling, our old cat, who went to see the Big Cat in the Sky a couple of weeks ago.  Also, his song, in the Listening Room, in the Writing From Life Section.  It's a free download.   Is it possible to channel a cat's voice?  It seemed like it.  I wrote this song the day after Mr. Darling died.  RIP, Mr. Darling.  

Doggie Dreams

November 29, the shortest of new blogs titled Doggie Dreams posted with a poor sketch I did of my sleepy friend, Sweetie.  I'm thankful she's still with me this Thanksgiving.  Old and feeble, I will enjoy her companionship for as long as the good Lord permits.    

Dogwood Daughter featured on UK Music Blog

Dogwood Daughter is the featured artist on UK Music Blog Oceanic Blue.  Here's the link:

The Old Folks' Friend

New blog added December 12.  My dad told me that pneumonia killed so many old people when he was a child that it was commonly called 'the old folks' friend.'  It's still a friend to many, I notice.  

Postcards from the Secret City-In Search of my Atomic Childhood

New blog posted January 23, 2014.  A preview, in words and photos, of my ongoing memoir project in the Atomic City, Oak Ridge, Tennessee.  

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