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My little studio in the woods


Welcome!  (You can listen to music while you peruse my website.  See the little yellow bar at the top of the page?  Just click.)  


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Hi, I'm Martha Maria. I live in E. Tennessee and record from my little studio in the woods. Here you will find new and traditional hymns, lots of new solo piano music, my songs as well as Appalachian and British folks songs, poetry and yes, my blogs and opinions.  


For better or worse, I'm a one woman operation:  I write all words and music, sing and play all parts and instruments, and even do my own sound engineering.


Listening to beautiful music is ALWAYS free here.   Just go to the "Listening Room" page and click on any song.  You can download my recordings of traditional hymns and many other songs without charge.      


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My BIG news!  I'm happy to announce the launch of my new website, with stories, poetry, and especially, music for kids.



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Dogwood Daughter

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Do you believe in angels?  I do too!  If you love stories about angels, be sure and stop by my Three Angels Project while you are here. This is my account, in prose and music, of one week in my life with three angels.  I would love to hear about your experiences with angels too.  I welcome comments as well as private messages.  



Dogwood Daughter's Music for Good - Raising Money for Half the Sky Movement, to lift women and girls out of oppression world wide.  


Want to contact me? I'd love to hear from you.  My e-mail address is  


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